I hate Pink.

We may have hit a new low, I am railing against colours now… I hate Pink. Hate may be overstating it. I am just not a huge fan – unless it’s neon, anything works when neon. Fact. This sometimes surprises people, I don’t know if there is something innately ‘pink’ about my personality, if that is […]

Elephant 3

I feel really strongly about this Elephant (it also has a Baby Elephant along it), incase anyone has stumbled on to this blog and is worried about coping with cancer or anything actually. Can I state for the Little Blog Record: I am not always brave, happy and accepting of all this. Just ask Dad […]

Testing, Testing…

+++ Please, if you are thinking – “Sheesh, this post is long”, just read the Mammogram section and the very end of the post – I am conducting an experiment++++     I’m writing this post while consuming a glass of Prosecco – it’s my first entirely painkiller free day after surgery – Whoop, Whoop! […]

Elephant 2

So, to another Elephant. (My posts are getting longer, How do we feel about this?) A lot and I mean a lot of the messages I’ve received start with the phrase “I don’t know what to say”, people will go on to apologise or worry that I might not want them to be in touch. […]

The Voices In My Head – MRI Scan Edition.

This is why one of the Golden Rules is about being too cocky…. It’s written for Miss Z, who has been a great friend – she is smart and beautiful (she did not pay me to say this). “Ha, as nice as she was, that nurse doesn’t know what she’s talking about. There’s no way […]

Three Elephants in the Room, Part 1

There’s an elephant on the little blog, several actually, and I am not talking about my one smurf blue nipple.*   Since starting little Blog, Or PollyGosh! as I never seem to call it, I have had emails, texts, calls and tonnes of FB comments and private messages. I’ve not been very quick or eloquent […]