Three Elephants in the Room, Part 1

There’s an elephant on the little blog, several actually, and I am not talking about my one smurf blue nipple.*


Since starting little Blog, Or PollyGosh! as I never seem to call it, I have had emails, texts, calls and tonnes of FB comments and private messages. I’ve not been very quick or eloquent in my returns. This feels incredibly rude in light of all the amazingly kind, wonderful and frankly blush-inducingly flattering words that have headed my way. I keep saying to myself, tomorrow I’ll reply, tomorrow, tomorrow – truth is I’m feeling a bit shy, speechless and just incredibly grateful that people are reading little blog, liking little blog and then telling me about it.


As I’ve mentioned before, it started as a place to log this time in my life. I wrote the first post on a day when I was feeling quite low about things and shared it on FB on a whim. It was quite late on a Saturday, so I thought it would probably go un-noticed. I thought perhaps Dad and A. would read it, they’ve always been very supportive of my writing (Perhaps the page hits are just Dad, A. and the MM’s constantly hitting refresh…In which case thanks guys).


So a huge and hearty thanks to everyone who has been in touch, by whatever medium. A BIG thank you to those who are reading and coming back again, especially because my spelling and grammar can get a little junky – it’s when I’m excited to post something, I’m not as thorough as I should be (sorry Dad). Another really, Huge Thank You to those who’ve read it once, hated it and then not commented, you deserve some love too – though you probably won’t see this…..


If little blog makes you smile, if it elevates any fears you have about any of this, then it has done far more than it was created to do and I am super Happy.


If it makes you check your bits and bobs or go to the doctors, when you’ve been putting it off, well then, I’m really bloomin’ chuffed because Burt (the tumour formally known as benign) – as the my BC nurse told me just the other day and is born out by my very experienced GP and MBS (who is a Don of Breast Cancer) – did not look or feel, anything like the usual malignant tumours. This is possibly because I am young  – which is still, thank goodness, quite rare (young and unique, I like it… well, not really) – but it’s on the increase, no one knows why. I hope this doesn’t scare anyone un-necessarily but can it disconcert you enough to check yourselves regularly?


Speaking of which, hop over to:


Meet Kris, who is truly brave and inspirational – she’s my all time, number one girl-crush.

more on this in a later post, though, as I promised A., not with photos. Those can be purchased via the webshop…. I jest, I jest because that my friends would be a very different kind of internet site.