Soothing trauma with Sorbet

No need to adjust your screen I am indeed writing about food. Again.

So, I can’t lie, Friday was pretty rough. To be clear – it wasn’t my first Chemo Round, it was a pre-appointment but for one reason and another it was the wrong appointment. I was a little traumatised, truth be told, no-ones fault and I’ll talk more about it at another point because it’s an important issue. One I want to spend some time on.

Huge thanks need to go out to A. and Dad who steered me through and helped me keep my cool (if barely). I don’t really have the words yet but let’s just say it took a double bill of mindless explosions to vanquish the day. I can now recommend Edge of Tomorrow – yes, even though it has Tom Cruise in it. He doesn’t really smile that much, so it’s Ok – is that just me?

Anyway back to Food. Food (cake) is a huge part of what I love about life. There’s really no getting around the fact that diet can help support your system / elevate the symptoms, while you are going through Chemo. A lot of my favourite foods (cake) are going to have to get an overhaul / take a back seat from now on. High Sugar is the devil, people. Let’s not forget it.

I’ve STILL not done enough reading around all this – even if I didn’t prefer losing a few hours to Donna Leon (food and crime, in Italy – why is this not considered  high brow?), it’s a difficult issue.

There are people, who claim that a Raw food diet is helping them to keep Cancer at bay, used instead of Chemo…… For me, there’s quite a bit of guilt wrapped up in all of it too. I discovered, you can get “the Guilt” at any time about a whole range of issues – my love of cake for instance. No, I don’t believe Cake, per se, got me into this situation but perhaps other elements of my diet did. See, tricky.

I will write further on all this, share my views, once I know what these are (do I really need to state what a complete layperson I am?).

What I will say is, when I decided to go down the Chemo route, it seemed appropriate (for me) to overhaul my diet as well. I feel, I need to try everything to improve my odds of beating reoccurrence or what is the point of putting myself through Chemo? Also I think the healthier I can be through it all, the better I’ll hopefully feel, the faster I will bounce back.

A. and I are trying to eat cleaner – more organic, less meat, less bleached/stripped food, less cane sugar – less sugar in general, more water less wine, upping the veges and the fruit…. No Less and healthier Cake (sigh)

Let’s see how we get on and apologies if we seem grumpy. Though I think it’s going to be a 80/20 affair.

So weirdly I’m kicking all this off with a sorbet recipe…… Really healthy, right?

The reasons for this is Two-Fold. 1) It reminds me of our recent holiday, inspired by our lovely hosts, our lovely final meal and 2) It helps to keep your mouth cool during Chemo. Which is important to keep the cells healthy and stop infections. Mum always did this and I think it helped. Though they don’t seem to openly tell you about this at the hospital, so I guess you do this at you own risk.

Sorbet seemed like a cool, non-dairy, easy transportable option (I’ve just invested in a thermos, I’m hoping this will help keep things cold/frozen). Though it can be sugar heavy.

As this is my first Sorbet foray, I’m not messing with the basic recipe too radically. I just searched for the recipe with the least sugar in it and then switched it out for a very dark brown variety as opposed to the bleached white stuff. Probably just to make myself feel better. I figure by making it myself I can at least control what else goes in etc blah blah etc *don’t I sound worthy, while eating sorbet* etc

The two books I’ve been using, sort of…


I used little Donut Peaches, for no reason other than their cute credentials…



Add a little of Rose Water and a Cup of Raspberries…


Skin those little suckers, look how pretty they are!


Chop, Chop, Chop – then Blend!


Been freaked out by Chemo? Then it’s A Peach, Rose, Raspberry Sorbet kinda day…



What you will need:

1 Simple Syrup (cooled) – heat to dissolve 1/2 cup water with 1/2 cup Dark Brown Sugar, don’t boil!

5 Small Peaches or approx 2 cups – stripped, pitted and chopped (poor things)

1 Cup of Raspberries

Rose water to taste

Pinch of Sea Salt


What I did:

Freeze your ice-cream maker bowl, at least overnight, it’s amazing how many times I forget this step!

Make your Simple Syrup and cool it.

I then dunked the peaches in just boiled water, just for a few minutes, it helps you to easily peel them. Chop and and pit them. 

Use a blender to, you know blend, the peaches, raspberries and a drip or two of rose water (you really only need a little bit).

Beat the Syrup and the Blended Fruit together, preferably in a bowl, then fridge it for about 2 hours-ish…..

Add a pinch of salt.

Then I just followed my ice-cream makers instructions on making the actual Sorbet.

It will keep about a week, I’m hoping I can holdout until A. gets home.

Top-Tip: Freeze the container you will keep the Sorbet in, helps it keep frozen. Did anyone else have a Mister Frosty in their youth? I wish I’d thought to do this  way back when. All that grinding of ice just used to become a puddle – an actual sorbet maker, a plus point of adulthood.