A Few of My Favorite Things

So on Friday I have my last Chemo! I also get my PICC Line removed, no more Robo-Arm. I know, right? I’m bound to go into detail, at some point, about how this is blowing my mind but for now I thought I’d offer up something far more practical and hopefully, useful. Chemo is harsh. […]

Dear Future Polly

Dear Future Polly, Lest you forget you are writing this back in the swirling mists of post Chemo 5, (1 more to go!). Last night you ate a dinner that consisted of 95% home-made, home-grown produce and it was gooooood. This morning, though it was early, you were left with words of love, a spattering […]

Gratitudes, platitudes and the lack there of.

I’m writing this on the evening of Chemo 5, the new treatment option has a perk – vegetable brain kicks in a little slower. I thought I’d take advantage and write while the goings good. The only other perk I’ve noticed with chemo and I have been desperately trying to find one – no more […]

Just Can’t Get it Out of My Head

I can’t decide if I want to be cremated or buried. Hmmmm I have a feeling I need to walk this one back a bit. If you can believe it, this all started in a totally un-cancer related way. It did start in a waiting room however. I have a dodgy ear, had it for […]

Riding In A Car With A Boy

It’s been all quiet on little blog, I have many drafts, of many different types of posts but I’m finding it hard to find the words these days or the concentration span. So in my come back post (as I am melodramatically thinking of it) I am choosing to write on a subject that I […]

The Brain Vanishes aka Chemo Brain

I pretty sure I wasn’t told about Chemo Brain prior to starting Chemo. I forget. With that one sentence, I’ve probably covered all you really need to know about the topic of Chemo Brain. It’s an actual thing. It’s recognised. There’s a knowing nod you get from fellow Chemo people and medical professionals when you’re […]

This post isn’t funny, interesting or informative

I feel like I’m trying to cello-tape my thought processes back together; in a rainstorm, using cheap, non-branded tape. I have three draft posts, Three. None of which are post-able because if viewed by another human they would read as one long deep, anguished howl of frustration, terror and pain. Aimed at, (in no particular […]

Baldness 101

aka A Practical Guide to Baldness So I’m Bald now and it’s too hot to hide my head under a bushel (or a hat, scarf or wig). Here we have baldness 101, based on my whole two days worth of experience. I have been trailing baldness is London and Bristol, this is what I’ve observed […]