1 in 3

I guess this popped into my head because of the time of year but you know how in the film Love Actually, Hugh Grant decrees that love actually, is all around? Well, it seems to me that cancer actually, is all around. I remember writing ages ago that 1 in 3 people would get cancer […]

Let’s do this

This week is 2 months since I finished Chemo. This week I celebrate my 35th Birthday. This week I open a totally brilliant Christmas Production. This week I start Radiotherapy. This week, this week is going to be one hell of a ride. The world won’t stop turning. Time doesn’t stop or slow down. I’ve […]


In my life I’ve been referred to as “that girl whose mum has cancer”, “that girl whose mum has terminal cancer”, “that girl whose mum died of cancer”, “that girl who has cancer”. Not only is that enough cancer, enough labels, but it’s also nothing actually about me. I guess that’s the problem with labels. […]

Up Date 2

So this should be a practical guide to Chemo therapy but life has gotten in the way. It’s now been 4 weeks since my last Chemo. Instead of spending Friday packing bags, hyping myself up, cracking open the high strength anti-nausea tablets, crying in a parking lot and then being pumped full of chemicals; this […]

STOP. Chemo Time.

I thought it was about time I wrote about Chemo. I wrote that sentence and then nothing happened because how do you write about Chemo? On a side note; it has come to my attention that people (and by people, I mean cancer people) debate whether cancer and chemo should be given capital letters. Unless […]

PICC A Little, Talk A Little

You know that feeling, at the start of a big new project? Or a tedious course you have to get through? or the beginning of a long separation? Of course you do, everybody knows that feeling, everybody’s been there. You may have a person in your life, I had my mother, who always finishes discussions […]

A Few of My Favorite Things

So on Friday I have my last Chemo! I also get my PICC Line removed, no more Robo-Arm. I know, right? I’m bound to go into detail, at some point, about how this is blowing my mind but for now I thought I’d offer up something far more practical and hopefully, useful. Chemo is harsh. […]