So This Happened…

A and I are home from an adventure jet-lagged and muzzy with lack of sleep but very, very Happy.

Last year I introduced little Blog on Facebook with the phrase “so this happened”, it felt important to announce this very happy news the same way. Put some demons to rest, so to speak.

A and I got married at the Office of The County Clerk, New York City, just over a week ago. We kept it a secret, had just one, very lovely witness and had just about the best day ever!

The bride wore Banana Republic, The Groom wore Levis.

After the ceremony we ate Lobster Rolls, Skate Salad and drank Prosecco. We had fun in a Photo Booth. We then moved on to Cocktails at the Mandarin Oriental, which has the best views and very welcome air-con!

The exclusive after party was held in Central Park where we ate Cupcakes.

We had a million photos taken.

It may not be conventional, but it was a perfect day, a perfect wedding for us.

Oh and the bride is keeping her own name!

surprise 2